Kate Naomi Aldridge

Kate Naomi Aldridge

Spiritual Coach


“Just when we think the darkness will creep into every crack, we see the sun rising.  With reckless hope we run towards the light.”

+ Kate Naomi Aldridge



Life can be so messy, and I strive to give others the ability to experience the beauty of it through my words and my presence with raw vulnerability, creativity, and grace.

I long to bring wholeness to my own life, as well as others, with the use of imagery and metaphor.  My writing and coaching style gives you an opportunity to play in your imagination, and connect with the light inside yourself.

No matter where you are on your spiritual walk and life journey, I invite you to explore the depths of who you are, and where the light is leading you.



At a young age I drifted into my imagination to escape the difficulties of life. I disconnected from myself, and lived with a victim mentality. I have spent decades of my life maneuvering my way out of the dark, and into the light.

My spirituality, writing, and career has equipped me to break out of the bondage that kept me hidden. I’ve stepped into my calling as a spiritual, creative person to let myself shine God’s light from my heart to yours.


Bachelors of Arts Psychology, Eastern Illinois University

Masters of Social Work, Loyola University Chicago

The Institute of Life Coaching



Client Reviews

Kate is a gifted, daring story teller. She challenges her reader to lift off and away from assumptions about how the world turns – and she does this with insight and intention. Her writing is engaging, mind bending and thoroughly original. She will rock your world.
— Ellen Szabo, M.Ed. www.szabocreativeconsulting.com
The creative ways Kate asks questions make a session truly feel like an exploration.
— Brendan Green
[Kate’s writing prompts] completely changed my thought process and gave me some amazing tools to see things outside my box and to not put my God in one.
— Sara Grane